Bethenny Frankel Holds Nothing Back in Spirited Rant Against Avocado Toast and "Losers" Who Live for It

The RHONY mogul is here to remind NYC: There is a time for millennial trends, and a time for cheese fries. 

It's true: Bethenny Frankel has been eating clean and green lately as she dabbles in vegan fare. But, The Real Housewives of New York City foodie still knows that cheese fries have a place in this world ... and that place is on food trucks. However, it's a different story when it comes to avocado toast.

When cruising through the streets of her city, Bethenny caught sight of something that made her question her own sobriety: "Am I stoned or is there a whole vehicle selling avocado toast?" she asked on Instagram Stories.

"Because, I mean honestly, people, I like to be healthy — but like, what? This is what people are stopping on the street and eating in New York is avocado toast? We are such losers." 

Bethenny went on to impersonate a holier-than-though drunk person in search of some late-night fuel. "Ooh, maybe when I'm wasted at night on the streets of NYC on green juice and vodka I'll stop and get an avocado toast like a real p----," she said. 

Photos: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

OK, twist our arm. Next time we're a little toasty in New York... we're going for pizza as nature intended it.

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