Fans Successfully Petition Netflix to Keep Streaming Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown

Netflix had planned to end streaming of Parts Unknown at the end of this week.

Anthony Bourdain's sudden death sparked an outpouring of grief and fond remembrances from other high-profile celebrities — from the likes of the Parts Unknown host's chef colleagues, to comedian Patton Oswalt, to President Barack Obama. As well, ordinary fans around the world have expressed their deep admiration in various ways, including shrines to Bourdain's former restaurant in NYC.

So deep, in fact, is fans' devotion to the late chef that a group even petitioned Netflix to keep streaming Parts Unknown, although it had been set to end at the end of this week, on June 16.

Tanner Palin started a petition on, which quickly gathered nearly 7,000 signees. 

"Bourdain lived life like he treated so many of the dishes he consumed. By gnawing it to the bone. So many of us could learn to live just a little more like that," Palin wrote in a description of the petition. "Netflix, this show isn't just entertaining. It is heartwarming, it is honest and it benefits human kind. Please keep it on the air."

As a result, Netflix tweeted Tuesday that it would keep the show going in the U.S.

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