Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll was born a bit further north in Washington D.C., but finds himself in Charleston by way of Charlotte, NC. Growing up in the south, his parents Tom and Wendy raised him to be the contagiously charismatic, undoubtedly kind and relentlessly loyal friend that every southern gentleman should strive to be. After graduating from the University of Alabama, Austen, forever the adventurous spirit, headed to the Rocky Mountains and his travels found him as far as New Zealand.

In the immortal words of Paul 'Bear' Bryant, "Mama called, and when mama calls then you just have to come running." This ramblin' man finally felt the tug of home calling, and made his way back down south. Charleston seemed like the obvious choice for the young stargazer who vacationed with his family at their second home on Kiawah Island since childhood.

Not soon after relocating, Austen found himself in the company of none other than Mr. Shep Rose. The two became fast friends, and even faster competition to the fair ladies of the low country. The pair shares an affinity for golf, over imbibing and leisurely activities.

Since arriving in Charleston, he has found himself immersed in the local craft beer scene, eventually moving his way to selling beer for a regional craft brewery out of Atlanta. Although he has found much joy and gained integral experience working within the industry, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for Austen. Where does he plan on going from here? Not even he knows. Much intrigue, and a "sky's the limit" attitude, surround this perplexing question. But if you ask Austen, that's just the way he likes it.